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Become Independent?

You're earnings are vested from DAY ONE.

DAU provides a proven system for any agent of any skill level to be successful.

We do not hire agents as employees, we partner with agents who want to build a legacy.

We stand by our commitment that our agents are truly independent.. With DAU you will always be


Easy Onboarding

We provide everything needed to open your business now.


With over 22 years of experience, we have created a script that works and doesn't make you sound like a robot.


The DUA Dialer and CRM are 2nd to none!

Built for Final Expense!


Our proprietary subsidized leads beat the rest EVERY time. You can consistently expect to close 20% of the calls you receive.


All of our agents receive ongoing weekly training. We are not talking about fluff and motivational speeches here. Our training is hands on and to the point.

Telesales Leads


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Build trust and grow your book of business with your own customized website built by our professional web design team.

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