Stop wasting time prospecting and blowing money on marketing! Get qualified prospects on your phone NOW!


  • TCPA Compliant

  • Verified for Interest

  • 50-80 years old

  • 120 second buffer!

  • Verified for Active Checking/Savings

Why Live Transfers?

Let’s be real, this is the question you're asking yourself. So seriously, WHY should you purchase final expense live transfers? And more importantly, will your investment return greater profits than with other lead types?

1. Save Time & Money

Marketing ventures can end up costing agents THOUSANDS of dollars and leave them hoping to just break even. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to learn basic marketing skills.

Prospecting and appointment setting takes a full day, just to get appointments that don't stick! Yuck!

With Live Transfers you spend your time at work doing the one thing that makes you money- selling insurance!

2. Higher Conversion Rates

Final Expense Live Transfers have a proven history of converting higher than any other lead type.

Speak ONLY to interested qualified individuals.

Spend 2 minutes verifying quality before you are charged.

3. Better Quality & Lower CPA

It all boils down to cost per acquisition. How much does it cost to acquire a new client? With live transfers at Digital Agents United agents spend less on CPA than anywhere else.

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